“The House We Grew Up In” available now on vinyl & No Sleep Records

"The house we grew up in"

I woke heavy hearted, haunted by a hopeless calm
Beg you just overslept, and your heart's beating motionless
With eyes like porcelain, cold and on the floor (when i walked in)
Oh my god, how'd I miss my chance to say goodbye
It's woah that keeps me coming home

I came around just in time to see you die.  Just in time.  Afraid I'd forget, ablaze in regret, and candles we left burning burdened by the flames we once put out with thoughts aloud and stubborn mouths.  Kindling calmer heads, quiet voice of disconnect, time apart and dust on settled beds
Sleeping soundly, the house we grew apart in

A light in your eyes, unwarm and unkind
The house burnt down when we moved out
The pleasures align like the casket you left in
The walls spoke out
So daunting and hollow
I'm taking my time; I'm burning alive

This fucking house still weeps with every fucking step I take
Oh my god, how'd i miss my chance to say goodbye
Guilty and ashamed at your wake
Oh my god, I've been looking for you
Oh my god I've been dreaming that you're still here.
I came around in time to burn you down
The house we grew apart in