“The House We Grew Up In” available now on vinyl & No Sleep Records


We'll hold a funeral in the woods for you, for me, for us, for we, for love and all the things we thought we knew we'd do
Here lies the truth and every one I ever could have been if only I was only every single thing but dead

If only I was everything but dead

We'll throw a party in the past with all the friends I never had, talk of all the times we'd act like fools but have each other's backs. We'll bring up all the silly things we'll say that hurt but heal up fast, we'll hold our tongues with honest love, and spill our lungs with laughter, we'll swear "forever young" through thick and thin from now and then, if only we could be anything, we'd be anything like friends

If only we were anything like friends

We'll burn the fire down